you may be eligible to TURN your lease in up to 5 months early

During Ford's Early Bird Lease Turn-In you can end your lease up to 5 months early. The sooner you turn in your lease the more you will save! If you are ready for an upgrade now just fill out our short form to find out if you are eligible for the Ford Early Bird Program.

Did you know that we can inspect you vehicle up to 150 days before your lease is scheduled to end and provide you with options that will help avoid charges at the end of your lease?

At lease-end you have three great options. Whichever you choose, Paul Clark Ford is committed to making your lease-end experience smooth and convenient.

  1. Buy or Lease a New Ford
  2. Purchase Your Leased Vehicle
  3. Return Your Lease Vehicle

Call 888-202-9573 to set up an appointment or fill out the lease turn-in form and one of our lease turn in expert will contact you.


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